With the exception of our dark roasted coffee (Sumatra) our medium and light roasted coffee products are different from the typical coffee you purchase at the grocery store and require some minor adjustments:

The first adjustment is to measure your coffee and water by weight. The good news is your taste buds will thank you for it later. Yes, this requires you to purchase a small scale, however you will find it is very useful in the kitchen and produces more consistent flavors for your coffee and favorite recipes.

The second adjustment is to brew using a manual drip method (for up to 3-cups) since the lighter roasts require more 'drip time' for flavor extraction. The methods we prefer to use are pour over and Chemex. When using these methods, it is best to use a gooseneck kettle providing a low volume and fast stream of hot water for agitating the grounds as you pour.

The third adjustment is to use specific coffee to water ratios. See below for recommended start points.

 Serving Size Method Amount coffee (g) to amount water (mL*)
1-cup (roughly 8-oz) Pour over 20g / 280mL
2-cups Chemex 34g / 560mL
3-cups Chemex 50g / 840mL
4+ Drip coffee maker Depends on serving size. Recommend starting with Chemex ratios and increase water amount as cup size goes up.

*Note: 1g = 1mL

Steps for manual brewing:

  1. Heat kettle to 195F.
  2. Grind beans just prior to brewing using a burr grinder, set to medium.
  3. Prior to adding grounds, wet filter with hot water then discard water.
  4. Add grounds, tare scale, then start timer. Pour just enough water to wet the grounds and allow to sit for about 30-seconds, watching the coffee bloom.
  5. Continue to add water in increments, reaching full water amount within a target time of around 3 to 4 minutes.


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  • Chemex, link here. Chemex filters, link here.
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**If you purchase with these links we earn a small commission from each sale. Please do not feel pressured as you may find a better product or deal elsewhere, however we hope you enjoy seeing the exact products we recommend.